Set of 7 Tickets to win a 2022 Corvette Mid-Engine in support of The Coping Centre




    23,000 Total tickets available. 
    Tickets will be mailed to addresses within Ontario at no additional cost.
    Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.  
    Draw will be held November 19, 2022 at 9:30pm at the Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek and winner will be contacted by phone.

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    The Coping Centre is a non-profit charity serving our community for the last 32 years.  All proceeds from the raffle of the Corvette are used to run programs which provide free support to families and individuals who have lost loved ones and are struggling with their grief. 

    The Coping Centre is not government funded. For information about The Coping Centre and the programs offered, or if you or someone you love could benefit from the programs offered by The Coping Centre, please contact the office at


    Extended Rules of Play

     1.)       Only tickets that have been paid for or have been verified paid for are eligible to be entered in the draw. The liability of the licensee of this lottery shall be limited to the purchase price of tickets. Purchasers must be at least 18 years of age. Tickets will be sold only in the Province of Ontario. Tickets must be purchased within the Province of Ontario and can only be mailed within Ontario. Information collected on the tickets (name, address, phone number and postal codes) are collected for the purpose of notifying the winner and notification of future COPING fundraisers only. A maximum of 23,000 tickets will be sold.  Tickets are $20 each, 3 for $50, 7 for $100 or 15 for $200.


    2.)     Prize consists of 1(one) 2022 Corvette Stingray 1LT Coupe valued at $93,758.72.  Vehicle will be transferred unplated with safety certificate, no liens and copy of ownership certificate.  COPING Bereavement Support Groups of Ontario Inc. will be responsible for taxes upon transfer of title, free of any hidden costs (taxes,PDI). Winner will be responsible for licensing and insurance costs. Winner is responsible for pick up of vehicle at the COPING Centre in Cambridge.  Ontario Problem Gambling Hotline 1-888-230-3505.


    3.)     There will be 1(one) prize drawing of 1(one) winner for the single prize of the 2022 mid-engine Corvette Stingray valued at $93,758.72 to be held Saturday November 19th, 2022 at 9:30pm at a live public event at the Grand Olympia Hotel and Conference Centre at 660 Barton Ave, Stoney Creek.  All eligible tickets will be placed into a drum, which will be rolled directly before the drawing.  A selected representative who does not have a ticket in the draw will then pull 1(one) ticket from the drum in front of a live audience.  That person will read aloud the name of the person and the ticket number as the official winner of the prize.  While on stage an attempt will be made to notify the winner by phone in front of the live audience. 


    4.)     If the winner is not contacted during the attempts at the time of the draw, The Coping Centre will continue to reach out to the winner until a connection can be made.  The website and voicemail of The Coping Centre will be changed to include the information of the winner directly after the drawing and the winner’s name and ticket number will be printed in the Toronto Sun Newpaper.  The ticket will then be placed into a sealed envelope and kept by The Coping Centre.  No secondary or alternate prizes will be awarded. 


    5.)     Should the prize remain unclaimed after all attempts to contact the winner, The Coping Centre will secure the prize for the duration of 6(six) months from the date of the draw at which time a charitable allocation will be made to a beneficiary approved by the licensing authority.