Dr. Wolfelt Seminars have been postponed until May 2022.  

Please check back for more information in the New Year.

Full Day Seminars with DR. ALAN WOLFELT  

2020 One Day Seminar with Dr. Alan Wolfelt "When Grief is "Complicated": A Model to Understand, Identify and Companion Grievers."

Wednesday October 28th, 2020 at the Coping Centre


This advanced level workshop will help members of the caregiving community explore the critically important topic of "complicated" grief.  Dr. Alan Wolfelt will present his model for understanding, identifying and companioning grievers lost in the wilderness of grief.

Please check back for Future Appearances from Dr. Wolfelt


To register or for more information about these workshops please email [email protected]  or call the Coping office 1-877-554-4498

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